Viewing and sharing high-resolution images is a free service created by Microsoft Live Labs for viewing and sharing high-resolution imagery. The service converts your image to the Deep Zoom format that lets you smoothly and efficiently explore the whole image, no matter how large.

Please click on the above thumbnail to go to the Zoom.It image.

I used Windows Live Writer 2011 (Build 15) to create this webpage and was unable to embed the code and had to find a way around that. This is my solution:

  • Insert a thumbnail (still image) of the image (placed top left here).
  • Hyperlink the URL of the Zoom.It image appended with #full to the thumbnail. The hyperlink address looks like this: (Of course, you will use the URL of your own image.) Appending #full to the URL, is optional. It brings up the linked Zoom.It image in full browser mode.