Positive Ageing

Positive ageing is about facing up to the challenges of later life. By doing this we can improve our chances of a successful and fulfilling later life. Life expectancy has increased so much that most people can look forward to twenty or thirty years of retirement. We can benefit greatly by taking time to look at our attitudes towards our ageing and our plans for this period of our lives - by facing up to the reality of our ageing we can begin to see the new possibilities that this phase can bring us.

There will be challenges, but writing a personal manifesto can help to develop resilience and strengthen our sense of choice and control: gain a fresh perspective on your own ageing; cultivate a positive approach to the future; enhance your emotional resilience to some of the potential challenges of later life. Ageing is inevitable – growing old in mind and attitude is optional!

Research tells us says the older you get the happier you get and the overwhelming majority of older people rate their health as ‘good or very good.’

Re-invent this phase of life by starting to focus on the development of an identity that will sustain us, maintaining engagement and interest in our own future.

Foster a positive mental approach by looking carefully at how to respond to challenges.