Introduction to Blogging

Blogging has few if any rules and is limited only by your imagination, creativity, and such like. However, you should be aware that what you publish will be there for 100 years and you need to give thought to how unskilful blogging may affect your: relationships; education, employment and career prospects; and membership of professional organisations.

... be aware that what you publish will be there for 100 years ...

What topics do you plan to blog about? Do you only want to show off your photographs? Or show them off and write about them creating a photo blog? Do you want to write about a broad range of topics or a specific topic or genre? Will you post links and a few comments to guide your readers to related information of interest? Or will you write informative articles on your topic or genre? Or do you view a blog as a place to write essays about the best way to do things? Whatever your particular flavour of knowledge happens to be, there are people with shared interests.

If you like to write but lack confidence in your skills, PaperRater is a free, web-based service that analyses your writing and offers feedback on your grammar, spelling, and more. It couldn't be easier to use. Just paste in the text you want analysed, choose the type of content: essay, research paper, speech - and submit it for review. Within seconds, PaperRater generates a report that analyses your submission.

You'll need some knowledge of HTML to make custom design tweaks, fix template problems, and format your posts more precisely.

Let's stop a moment to discuss these issues!