Integrating Windows Live Writer and Live SkyDrive

Come Prepared
Please come prepared with your photographs, drafts, ideas, on a removable storage device: USB drive, CD, DVD. Portable computers with Windows 7 or Vista would be ideal and preferable to run Windows Live Essentials 2011.

Some considerations

  • Blog title
  • Blog description
  • Blog address either free or custom domain (cost US$10.00 for one year)
  • Who can comment?
  • Who can view your blog?
What topics do you plan to blog about?
Do you only want to show off your photographs? Or show them off and write about them creating a photo blog? Do you want to write about a broad range of topics or a specific topic or genre? Will you post links and comments to guide your readers to related information of interest? Or will you write informative articles on your topic or genre? Or do you view a blog as a place to write essays about the best way to do things? Whatever your particular flavour of knowledge happens to be, there are people with shared interests.

We are interested in integrating Windows Live Writer and SkyDrive with your blog(s)

1.Windows Live SkyDrive help centre
How do I organise my photos and files in Windows Live SkyDrive?
  • After you upload a photo or file to Windows Live SkyDrive, you can access the file from any computer that's connected to the Internet to delete or rename the photo or file.
  • You can move or copy photos or files into other folders on SkyDrive, and add captions to provide a descriptive title or brief summary of the photo or file.
2.Windows Live Writer help centre
Windows Live Writer makes it easy to create blog posts, and see what they'll look like online before you publish them to your blog. Plus, you can publish your blog to any of your favourite blog service providers, such as Wordpress, Blogger, TypePad, LiveJournal, SharePoint, TypePad, OverBlog.